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Premium Filtered Water

Element H2O bottled Premium drinking water is unique to the Metro Vancouver – one of the crispest tasting water aquifers worldwide. It is processed using an 12-stage quality & filtration process. We bottle our water using sanitary bottling procedures mandated by CBWA (Canadian Bottled Water Association).  Our premium drinking water is treated by sediment filtration, carbon filtration, reverse osmosis (RO), and ultra-micron filtration. Both Ozone and UV light are also used to oxygenate our water. Our primary filtration process is reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, micron & ultra-micronfiltration. It is also protected with ozone and UV light.

Element H2o Premium Filtered water is bottled in Government approved BPA free bottles which have been individually sanitized then capped with a no-spill system for your protection and convenient consumption. All of our water products are bottled and processed and delivered within 24 hours, Element H2O is pure and natural with a taste people in the metro Vancouver have enjoyed for decades.


Best Tasting Water in Vancouver

Popular for Office Bottled H2O Delivery

Customers tell us all the time that they LOVE the crisp and refreshing taste of Element H2O™ Premium filtered Water. Our rich mineral profile provides a fresh taste and outstanding thirst quencher. Our Premium water doesn’t just taste good.  It’s very good for you. Most consumers are unaware that most filtered waters have been stripped of all natural minerals and have a very low ph value.

Element H2O™ Premium filtered water is 100% nutrient fortified drinking water with an alkaline pH of 7.6 with a rich mineral profile as recommended by the World Health Organization.

Our Office bottled Water delivery services the following areas:
Vancouver, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Surrey, Maple Ridge, Langley, Richmond, Delta, New Westminster, Port Moody, White Rock, and other surrounding areas in the Lower Mainland. Any office or home in the lower mainland is what Element H2O services. We pride ourselves on having the best office water bottled delivery service. Give us a try.


Get to Know Element H2O

Element H2O is a premier bottled water delivery company that prides itself on its high quality H2O products. High quality purified water, Alkaline water, Spring water and Distilled water. Whatever, your water needs are, we’ve got you covered.

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