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What is Distilled Water?

Water distillation is the process whereby water is boiled, evaporated and the vapor condenses when cooled. Distilled water is mineral free and can actively absorb toxic substances from the body and eliminate them. Studies validate the benefits of drinking distilled water when one is seeking to cleanse or detoxify the system for short periods of time (a few weeks at a time). Difference to our Natural Spring Water,  Distilled water is not ideal for human consumption for the long term, since all of the water’s natural, and often beneficial, minerals are absent.

Double Distilled water is true H2O and is used primarily in the following applications:

  • Automobile coolant – no minerals, thus no corrosion
  • Automobile battery chemistry
  • Laboratory use
  • Medical field
  • Manufacturing
  • Food packaging
  • Watering plant
  • Pharmaceutical use
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Distilled Water in Medical Industry

Water is the most important liquid on earth, as it is a universal solvent. Distilled water, or pure water (exact H2O), is water that has gone through a distillation process in which water is boiled and the resulting steam is then cooled, condensed and then transformed back into water.

Medical Uses of Distilled Water
  • Medical Equipment (Dyalysis machine, CPAP machine)
  • Sterilization of equipment
  • Scrub stations
  • Medical procedures (wound cleansing, dentistry, first aid)
  • Hospital food preparation
  • Laboratory experiments
  • Disinfection

Pharmacy and chemists use distilled water in abundance as a solvent in the processing and formulation of compounds, pharmaceutical products and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s)

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Element H2O is a premier bottled water delivery company that prides itself on its high quality H2O products. High quality purified water, Alkaline water, Spring water and Distilled water. Whatever, your water needs are, we’ve got you covered.

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