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Water Gallon Delivery


Water delivery has become more and more popular over the years. Everyone looks to have the best water in theirs homes without having to take the time and effort to get it. In today’s developing world, time is money, and most people are way too busy to consider spending a morning picking up water bottles from the local water place. Now natural spring water is being delivered to your home or office the very next day you have made your order. This makes water gallon delivery faster and easier for the customers. 

Water gallon delivery within Vancouver is the most important service in need specially for business, offices or construction sites. But most of the companies that provide this service make sure to charge additional fuel and delivery prices to the customer. That’s Element H2O has free delivery and no additional fees for the customer. Not only regarding the water gallon delivery but with every product we provide such as our dispensers, bottles, etc.

Best quality water


Element H2O not only provides water gallon delivery but also makes sure to give the best quality and pure water to the customers. From natural spring water to alkaline water this ensures the client’s health and desired product. Also, Element H20 makes sure that every water gallon delivered is correctly tested beforehand to make sure the quality of the product is at the client’s expectations.

The way we can make sure to provide the best quality water is by filtration, the method used in Element H2O is the Reverse Osmosis. This is a fairly simple filtration process that help with the decontamination of several substances such as fluoride, pesticides, detergents, etc. This way they make sure to take impurities out of the water and every water gallon delivered


Best service


The Element H2O team is always available to help the clients with anything they may need water gallon delivery, bottled water delivery, pick ups, re-fills, etc. The team makes sure to keep the customer happy with both the product and the attention they received. There are also different ways to reach us, over the phone, at the store, on the website, etc. There will always be someone available to help you with what you may need.


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